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Blog — By on January 26, 2009 at 1:26 pm

In case you forgot, we’re still moving forward with that whole site rebuild thing. Jose Reyes at Metaleap Design has finished our new logo. We thought we’d give you a peek. I’m fairly ecstatic about it, to be honest. Jose does amazing work. He and his wife Nikolle are awful to work with though…like the Chef Gordon Ramseys of graphic design. I’m hoping they’ll take my counseling fees out of the bill.

Above is the black and white version, but we’re likely have a color version on our site. We’re not sure which color it will be yet, but I like this orange.

Thoughts, anyone?

And, by the way, we’re still accepting donations for the site rebuild. We could still use your help. Thank you to everyone who’s given so far!

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