The Weekly Standard’s "Post-Modern Prophet"

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On Friday, The Weekly Standard ran a piece on Don Miller, calling him the post-modern prophet and “the Evangelical Left’s poster boy,” along with soggy host of other epithets.

“Miller’s implied comfort with same-sex marriage and seeming apathy about pro-life causes would have upset one-time Religious Right icon Bill Bright, the late founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, the international college ministry that elevated Miller to best-selling author by distributing Blue Like Jazz to thousands of college freshmen. Bright, like other old-line evangelicals, might also have been discomfited with Miller’s casual references to profanity, liquor, sexuality and marijuana in his spiritual odyssey.”

I’m sure Campus Crusade would take it all back if they could!

I love how researched this article is. Miller has “implied comfort with same-sex marriage” and “seeming apathy about pro-life causes”. It’s also possible he hangs out with O.J. Simpson on a regular basis.

Oh, and apparently Don “attends a socially conscious church in Seattle”. That’s quite a Sunday morning commute! You’ll have to forgive Mark Tooley and The Weekly Standard‘s fact-checking team. To them, all those hippie towns are the same.

Also, we get a mention. Time to tick “Appear on the pages of The Weekly Standard” off my list of goals.

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  • James says:

    Aren’t Seattle and Portland the same thing? Oh wait. One still has a basketball team. ;)

    Seriously, I didn’t read the entire article, but they sure got a lot of stuff wrong in the little bit that you quoted. For one thing, Bill Bright is not a far-right icon. He pretty much stayed away from preaching politics, choosing instead to focus on spreading the Gospel.

  • aaron says:

    it should also be noted that don played maxwell smart in the original get smart tv show and guest starred on scooby doo.

  • Hillary Manton Lodge says:

    And he’s responsible for the screenplay for “From Justin to Kelly.” Shiver.

  • Larry Shallenberger says:

    Jordan was seen photographed with Don. All criticisms, factual or not, of Don are transferable to Jordan.

  • Larry Shallenberger says:

    Just read the article. Spiritual McCarthyism at it's finest.

    Also, there's a claim that Don "fretted."

  • Jayson says:

    Yeah, just for the record, we in Campus Crusade are currently considering having him come back to speak at our National Staff Conference this summer. I think it’s too late to get him at this point but we’ve by no means dismissed him.

  • Nyloc in Nassau says:

    JUST FOR ONCE I wish religion writers had some idea of what they're writing about. The media just doesn't seem to ever reflect evangelical reality – beyond the easy-to-see TV talking heads. From the time I attended Gordon College in the early 70s and Billy Graham was interviewed for H J Ockenga's installation, I've seen secular reporters stymied and confused when what "evangelicals" say does not follow their cerebral pre-recordings. But what can we do about it??

  • Bret Wells says:

    I have it on good authority that Donald MIller was responsible for the East /West schism in 1094.

  • Brock N. Meeks says:

    Now THAT's how to write a snarky column comeback. Bravo!

  • Debra says:

    It's amazing what attempts to pass as quality journalism today. Just call it "commentary" and I guess that means there is no need to allow for an alternate view, or for the subject to respond to your criticisms. Love it when they don't bother getting their own quotes by doing the hard work, they choose to reprint partial quotes — out of context — from other sources.

    What's that about a liberal media bias??

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