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Evangelical Myths

Evangelical Myths
A couple months ago I started watching the television show “Northern Exposure” on DVD. “Northern Exposure,” which ran for six seasons on CBS starting in 1990, is set in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska. One of the most fascinating themes of this quirky, funny, and sometimes deeply moving...
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Monastery of St. Ephraim of Mount Amomon

Monastery of St. Ephraim of Mount Amomon
As I write this, the worst fires to ravage Greece since 2007 are blazing through the northern suburbs of Athens. I’ve been following developments closely. This is more than a morbid curiosity. My brother goes to college in Athens. From the news reports, I’ve gathered that although the fires rage...
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Sometimes You Wanna Go…To NOSTALGIA!

Sometimes You Wanna Go…To NOSTALGIA!
My love of opening credit sequences, especially at HBO, is well-documented (by me), but last night I was reminded of the greatest opening sequence of all-time. Seriously, I defy you to find one better. Even “Wonder Years” falls short. I mean, isn’t this nostalgia at its finest? ...
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Part of the Solution: Spiritual Security

artwork by He Qi The idea for this column was to draw attention to facts of which we might not be aware. Every couple of weeks, we wanted to highlight injustices with some numbers and statistics and then offer practical solutions. We simply wanted us all to become aware of both how we may inadvertently...
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In Which I Try and Tug At Your Hearstrings.

I haven’t made a mix tape for a girl in some time. I think the last one was for my wedding, and I didn’t do them too often before that because I dated Mindy for something like five years, and mix tapes only work for the first bit (after that, they expect you to actually do things). But I...
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Meditations: So Sow

It’s a good weekend for looking back, what with Woodstock and all that. My looking back though, doesn’t go quite that far, since I was only 13 when the festival came down, and living on the wrong coast. Instead, I looked back this weekend, to an island, and was reminded of the parable about...
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Purpose-Driven Centrist: Bucking Tradition and Typical Church

A couple weeks ago I posted a short survey to collect some experiences readers here have with faith and church. This was as close to the same survey as I could replicate of what the Barna Group did in June, albeit mine less scientific. Nonetheless I am very fascinated in the current changes in Christianity,...
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Burnside Readers Collective

Relevant Online asked me a few days ago if I could write an article on the best books of 2009 so far. But rather than compile a list that reflected only my own limited tastes, I asked a few regular contributors to the BWC to write a paragraph or two about some of their recent favorites. Head over to...
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Purpose-Driven Centrist: How do experience God?

In my last column, I wrote about some analysis of the centering of beliefs within the re-formation period Christianity is arguably going through currently. That centering includes how people are experiencing God is different ways than were available or organized even 20 years ago. To gather some less-than-scientific...
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Julian’s foot gives despair the boot

Some weeks are harder than others and this past week, on the difficulty scale, was in the upper mid-range for me. The clash of theology and relationships; words misspoken, and misunderstood; friends, young and hospitalized; and enormous decisions in my work at a time when I feel tiny. These all came...
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