BWC Church Hopping Column Goes Live in NYC This Summer

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I’m super excited to announce that the Church Hopping column is going live in New York City this summer!

The column began running on Burnside in 2008, and on our journeys we’ve visited the Nottingham church Robin Hood attended, the New Orleans cathedral where Tennessee Williams’ memorial service was held, the Dublin cathedral where Jonathan Swift was dean, and the Greek monastery that was the site of revolution.

The best part of this column, though, has been that I’ve gotten to meet up with writers from the Burnside Collective.  I got to meet Susan Isaacs and Donald Miller when they came through New York on their book tour, and I got to meet Penny Carothers, Amy Deal, Kim Gottschild, Diane Nienhuis, Dylan Peterson, and Betsy Zabel in Grand Rapids at the Festival of Faith and Writing.

Now, I’m partnering with City Grace Church and Redeemer Presbyterian Church to bring the Burnside Writers Collective Church Hopping column live for two special church architecture events, and I hope YOU will be there!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral & St. Bart’s Church
Saturday, July 23.  11:00am.
Led by: artist Brian Fee & Redeemer Culture Club
Cost: $20

Register here.

St. Anselm Church & Chapel of the Intercession
Saturday, August 13.  10:30am.
Led by: art historian Mark Chalfant and architect Lily Armstrong
Cost: $10

Register here.


Space is limited for both events.


And if you’re not able to make it, watch for the recaps.

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  • Michael D. Bobo says:

    Good on you Steph. I’ll be there cheering you on in spirit. If I lived near NY I’d be there for sure. Living in CA makes it tough, but I love these events and I hope there will be some on the West Coast. Keep up the terrific work. Church Hopping is my favorite column on BWC.


  • Kim Gottschild says:

    This is so exciting – I wish I lived closer!

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