Speaking of Blue Like Jazz…

Blog, Burnside Sells Out, Featured, Film — By on March 30, 2012 at 7:25 am

It’s been quiet around here about the upcoming Blue Like Jazz movie. This was not intentional, and rest assured at least this writer has IMDB at the ready for its April 13 release. (This writer is also suppressing obscene amounts of envy forthose of you who have already seen it, but this writer digresses.) Between this and Burnside Books, we are entering an exciting new era of storytelling.

One of our regular contributors, Christian Piatt has shared his thoughts and an interview with Donald Miller and Steve Taylor on his blog.   There is also a free discussion guide, available through the link here.Check them out, and go see Blue Like Jazz if you want to see more movies like it in the future. April 13. Mark your calendar.


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