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Letters from the Editor — By on October 7, 2012 at 12:19 pm

To those of you who may not already know, My name is Michael and I am the new Poetry Editor at Burnside. I joined Burnside in 2010 via an essay on U2 and Social Justice.

It has been a delight to collaborate on numerous pieces with the editorial team. In addition to several poems published, I have been blessed to work on social justice pieces with the help of the lovely duo of Penny Carothers and Kim Gottschild; visual art pieces with the inspired Stephanie Nikolopoulos; a music review with the cultured Josh Langhoff; several essays with tireless workers Sara Sterley and Matt Miles; and television and sports pieces with the BWC Zen master Jordan Green.

I immediately realized Burnside would become the Christian community grossly lacking in my life. I have not turned back since. I am honored to contribute a bit part in such a beautiful group of inspired individuals. Thank you for your collaborative voice of spiritual vibrancy.

While reading, editing and preparing our backlog of poems submitted over the past two years, I discovered the gravitas we possess as a community of poets. A remarkable array of poems are scheduled over the next few months on Saturdays and Sundays, so mark your calendars! And, fortunately, we have a few holes to fill in December.

This winter, I would like to try a collective experiment that would include a variety of our established poets—insert John Blase, Larry Shallenberger and M. Morford—and hopefully a lot of aspiring poets, too. I would like to challenge each of you to write a poem for a Poetry Carnival. Poets, do your thing. I leave it open to your poetic imagination to impress us all. If you are not naturally inclined to poetry, consider this: “What moves you as a seeker of written beauty?” Poems do not have to follow a rhyme scheme or cadence, but they need to have a clear structure and must address this basic question.

Once you have posted your poem on your own blogs or sites, please leave a link in the comments section of this post. As a footnote to your poem on your platforms, please include a link to Burnside (http://burnsidewriters.com) and reference your contribution to our Winter Poetry Carnival. If you don’t have a personal site, feel free to leave your poem as a comment below. We would welcome you to share this post with your family, friends, and admirers. Also, “Like” our Facebook page so you can be informed of the latest developments. We’re trying hard to build community, and our page is a great way to get connected with one another.

In mid-December, I’ll post excerpts from your poems with links included to the full posts. Hopefully new voices will emerge that enlarge our poetic prowess on the interwebs. We have a tremendous wealth of poetic talent at Burnside that often gets overlooked in the midst of the ample essays, reviews, and social justice pieces. We can be proud as a writers collective that we also are poets in our own right.

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