It’s Complicated

Blog — By on December 4, 2012 at 7:22 am

Boy, do Christians have to complicate everything.

There are books out there that tell us to just jump into what God is doing.  Go out and find what God is doing and then go do it.  Be proactive, take charge!

But then we hear we’re supposed to wait on God’s timing, God’s leading.

We’re told to be open to life’s opportunities.  Just say yes to whatever comes your way!  Adventure awaits!

But thenwe’re told that “No” is empowering is our overcommitted lives.  We need to build hedges to protect our time and energy so we can focus on things that really matter.

We’re told to work hard and persevere.

But then stories of everything “just working out” because it’s “A God Thing” abound.

What I’m finally gleaning from all this, after thirty-seven years, is that everyone’s wrong.

Because they’re all right.

Which is no help at all when you want answers.

Which is probably to say that there aren’t any.

Which is probably a good thing.

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  • Yep, Kim, you’re right: you need to stop listening to all those confusing voices and conflicting viewpoints, and start listening to me.

  • Michael D. Bobo says:

    I believe life gets more complicated the more we embrace it. Black and white thinking works for a season in our idealistic twenties but there comes a point where the shit hits the fan. Life happens. Divorce. Sickness. Death of a loved one. Unemployment. Homelessness. Any of these and more.

    We are challenged to integrated the broken fragments of ourselves and see that gray is about as black or white as life gets. If life were easily resolved, would it really be life? Certainly it would not be God since whatever God may be is infinitely greater than our ability to comprehend.

    • So true. There are just so many voices out there right now trying to inspire us to “do this” or “do that,” even in our later years, coming from older people who seem to be speaking from the perspective of experience. Particularly in evangelical culture, I think. And I’m tired of it.

  • Jeffry says:

    the complication is furthered by peoples arrogance and speaking for God, the bible itself says the word is alive and breathing, I think we far too often try to decipher it and twist it to say what we want and then find ourselves trying to defend our positions and the bible, when we are infact the ones that assigned meaning to certain parts of the word.

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