Poetry Theme: Transience

Poetry — By on January 13, 2013 at 5:00 am

We’ve entered a New Year. Just in case it isn’t evident. Time to reflect on new resolutions. Some we keep. Some keep us. The rest dissipate as fragments of mental life. In light of these inevitable resolutions both kept and left, I propose the first theme this year:

Transience, n. — the state or quality of passing with time or being ephemeral or fleeting.

Like a puff of smoke or a ripple on the surface of water, everything changes. Whatever this might mean to you, I welcome your participation once again. I call you to poetically depict the transience you anticipate, fear, and/or know. Title your submission Transience and include your own subtitle. Submit poems in the Hey Publisher form for proper cataloging. I will run Transience poems before any others.

Peace upon your newly transient year.
















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