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The Unhappiest City in America

To make a life in Portland – that is, to settle in here, to give yourself over fully to the place – you have to submit to the weather. You have to make peace with the 222 cloudy days each year, and find a kind of pensive beauty in the nine months of rain. You must adapt to the rhythms and...
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Like, One Time…

Rachel’s post with the Focus on the Family word cloud on Saturday turned me on to the fun little toy that is, where you can build word clouds simply by pasting text. I’m one of those self-conscious writers scared to death of cliche, so I figured I’d waste an afternoon...
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Video: Stoned Little Kid After Dentist

Stoned Little Kid After Dentist Visit – Watch more Funny Videos I’m posting this for no other reason except that when I watched it I laughed until I cried.
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Savior on Capitol Hill

The basic message of the first video below is okay – pledging oneself to acts of service that benefit our local and extended communities. But every time a video like this gets made I have to spend an extra half hour explaining to die-hard Republican relatives that I voted for Obama because I thought...
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Choose Life

Timely. Effective.
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On the Eve of a New Presidency

Food for thought 15 days before the transition of power from George W. Bush (R) to Barack Obama (D): The idea of the current crop of “conservatives” – that government can cater to greed and leave charity to volunteers – is vicious and it can’t work. The “liberal”...
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This Week in the BWC

There are some great new articles this week on the Big Page. Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional: “Very crafty, your book: it looks like some game book you could buy in an airport. But it’s not for say, a third-grader or a committed alcoholic. How much therapy would a reader have to have to...
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What if Starbucks marketed like the church? What are your thoughts? Should churches be marketing themselves in the first place?
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Closing Arguments

Here is Obama’s infomercial from tonight. It’s obviously well-produced, but will it change minds? Disclaimer: I looked for a comparable video from the John McCain campaign. Near as I can tell, though, McCain’s closing arguments seem to be that Obama is too risky and that we are all...
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Those Meddling Kids

From a Republican campaign office in Broward County, Florida. To his credit, when the county chairman of the Republican Party heard about the sign he called it “ignorant” and said he was “disgusted.” He drove to the office himself to take it down. Plus, can I make two requests?...
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