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The Best Television Scenes of the Decade

The Best Television Scenes of the Decade
I’ve stated a number of times the ’00s were the Golden Age of television, when HBO and a number of network shows officially blew the film industry out of the water. When we look back on the great stories of this decade, we’ll remember books like Marilynne Robinson’s “Gilead”,...
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How To Be Great

How To Be Great
My 14-year-old daughter Hannah and my husband Gary went to the Chicago auditions for America’s Got Talent this past weekend. I was there with them for the first three hours of their 10-hour wait to sing for 90 seconds for two unknown judges and a cameraperson. And they had quite a day…meeting Elvis...
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The State of SNL

The State of SNL
Only one of these people was actually funny. Every year around this time, like clockwork, naysayers commence tossing barbs at Saturday Night Live, about how it’s going downhill, about how it’s become a dinosaur. Admittedly, I did it last year, about a week or two before SNL proceeded to kick...
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Sometimes You Wanna Go…To NOSTALGIA!

Sometimes You Wanna Go…To NOSTALGIA!
My love of opening credit sequences, especially at HBO, is well-documented (by me), but last night I was reminded of the greatest opening sequence of all-time. Seriously, I defy you to find one better. Even “Wonder Years” falls short. I mean, isn’t this nostalgia at its finest? ...
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Some Belated Thoughts on the End of "The Sopranos"

I finished “The Sopranos” on Saturday. I didn’t watch the second half of Season 6 when it aired on HBO because it had been too long since I had seen everything up to that point. I wanted to begin from the beginning, which I did in early May. I watched 86 episodes in six weeks, an average of 2.047...
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Something I’ve Been Working On

I’m excited about this. I thought I’d share. A year ago, Don Miller, Santino Stoner (the writer and director behind Nooma), a descendant of Projekt Sonnenkinder, and myself got together and wrote a short film series. Or television show. Or something. I haven’t been able to talk...
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The Idiot Box – Kings

Over the last couple years, I spent a lot of time thinking about story. Partly, this was based on discussions with Don, who’s wrapping up a book about story, and partly because it’s because I want to learn the gears and cogs that make certain stories work. One of the most fascinating aspects...
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The Idiot Box – Big Love

Watching television at the Green household is often an individual experience. While Mindy relishes the over-wrought drama of Grey’s Anatomy, I like to delve into the rich and important themes of shows like The Wire, the lyric profanity of Deadwood and the depth and character study of Mad Men....
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The Idiot Box: Friday Night Lights

As an ardent defender of television as a valid art medium, I came across two quotes on The Onion AV Club this week eloquently backing my position. “It does thoroughly enrage me, though, when anyone brags about the fact that they don’t watch television. Congratulations. I understand not having...
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The Idiot Box: John Adams

35 seconds into HBO’s miniseries, John Adams, I realized why I’m not more nationalistic. When a country’s most stirring anthems consist of a British drinking song, contains the line “we’ll put a boot in your ass” or was written by a former cokehead/blackjack dealer,...
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